• Two Rivers Development – Nairobi, Kenya

  • Tatu City – Nairobi, Kenya

  • Pearl Marina Garuga, Kampala, Uganda

  • Red Coral Development

  • Garden City Phase 2A - Residential


This is a new concept in East African region and generally comprises large shopping malls, commercial facilities, residential and recreational facilities. Most mixed-use projects are currently fashioned as mini-cities with the best examples in Nairobi being Garden City along Thika Road, Two Rivers in Runda and the proposed Tatu City.

Two Rivers Development – Nairobi, Kenya

Project Description: Proposed Mixed Use Development on 100 acres in Runda, Nairobi including Infrastructure (Phase 1).

Premium World Class Master Planned Urban Address set within a Controlled and Secure Development. It will comprise: Retail, Entertainment and Lifestyle facilities (REL), modern office parks, residential apartments, hotels and public amenities. These facilities will be supported by high quality centrally managed state of the art infrastructure. The development will be constructed in two phases and when complete it will have a total gross built area of about 830,000m².

Tatu City – Nairobi, Kenya

Project Description: Mixed use development on 1000 hectare site. All new site infrastructure including roads, drainage, power, water, waste management, ICT, municipal facilities.

Pearl Marina Garuga, Kampala, Uganda

Project Description: Cost Planning for the Master Planned Project – Resort, Golf Course, Marina & Residential Mixed Use. Phase I Projected to Cost US$ 99 million.

Red Coral Development

Project Description: The Proposed Development Sits on 387 Acre Piece of Land situated in Limuru along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway (A104). One Development therein will be of Mixed Use. The Current Scope Comprise Provision of Site. The development is intended to be of mixed use i.e: low medium and high density residential houses, School (primary school), hotel, recreation grounds; warehousing and business centre/offices.

The current scope comprises provision of site infrastructure i.e power, roads, water, sanitation, Telecommunication (fibre optic) and solid waste management.

Garden City Phase 2A - Residential

Project Description: Details will be shortly available.